Be inspired

This story isn't specific to one man or one mission. Men and women all over the world are turning their businesses over to God. And by doing so, He's radically transforming the world around them. Let these messages and stories stir you to consider where God may be leading your business–or life–today.



Interview with Bill Bright

During his final days on Earth, Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, shared about his life's purpose and finishing strong.  



God Owns Alan’s Business

Katherine and Alan Barnhart added an interesting twist to the American dream and made it their business not to get rich. With winsomeness that is contagious, Alan tells the story of God's richness toward them and their journey to live the "life that is truly life" promised in scripture.



God Challenged Gary’s purpose

As a young entrepreneur, Gary had wanted to live the American dream, get rich, retire early, and live a life of ease. But his failing business soon woke him to the reality that God had a greater purpose, not only for his personal life but his businesses as well. Watch as Gary shares his journey from ownership to stewardship